Friday, 11 September 2015

Are Pure Brazilian Products effective in controlling Frizzy Hair?

PureBrazilian Products is one such brand that offers a dedicated range of products for controlling Frizzy Hair. But are they effective?

Pure Brazilian Shampoo and Conditioner are free from sodium chloride making them quite gentle on the scalp. This allows a user to apply them on a daily basis without being worried about the strong cleaning action. The product range is formulated with keratin, vital nutrients and cocoa seed butter that helps in keeping hair healthy and leaves them shiny.

The description seemed impressive and I decided to buy Pure Brazilian Products online. The bottle is cute, but considering the price factor, it is not a wow factor. The shampoo is a bit diluted with a pleasant fragrance that gives you a rich lather experience. It mixes well in your hair and you don’t require a large quantity which is definitely a plus point. It washes off easily and cleans your hair perfectly in a single wash itself.

The Pure Brazilian Conditioner is a bit thicker than the shampoo and spreads well on your already smoothened hair. You can get satisfactory results even after two minutes of leaving it in your hair. It rinses off your hair easily and you can proceed with towel drying or blow drying.

The result is impressive. In the first wash itself, the Pure Brazilian Products make your hair visibly smoother without making them oily or greasy. Although it is not mentioned, you will find your hair much more manageable after a few washes. It leaves your hair with a mild and exquisite fragrance that is a delightful experience.

About the frizzes, after using the Pure Brazilian Shampoo and Conditioner for a couple of months, you can say that the frizziness of hair is much improved. It is not 100% non-existent, but the improvement is considerable. Also, you will be able to style your hair in a manner that was impossible with frizzy hair. The texture of hair improves as well and they look beautiful. Expect some positive feedback from your friends.

So, will I suggest people to buy Pure Brazilian Products? Well, if you have the money, the products are worth buying. They effectively do what hey claim to i.e. control the frizzy hair. 

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